‘The New Delhi ska act have been winning accolades all over for their brilliant stage act, but their album was in every sense one of the best albums of 2012’ – NH7.
The Ska Vengers is a new Delhi based band who blend ‘ska’ rhythms with elements of dub, punk, jazz and rap to come up with a form of music that is refreshingly different, energetic and highly danceable.

oddjoint oddjoint

Cast & crew

Cast Talia Bentson – Bored Housewife
Gautam Ghosh – Sleazy Husband
Suryakant Sawhney – Driver
Parvati Tampi - Housemaid
Vaibhav Anand - Lover
Girl 1 – Sophie Geers
Girl 2 – Joke De Swert
Girl 3 – Courtney E. Henderson
Girl 4 – Anne Berg Villumsen
Crew Camera and Direction by


Camera Assistant Parikhit Pal
Editor Manas Mittal
Assistant Director Anurag Dasgupta
Production Overdose Production Manager – Devika Dave
Production Manager – DivyaGanta
Production Assistant - Jasmine Grewal
Production Assistant –MuktishLakhani
Anne Philpot from the Pleasure Project
Production Miss Samara C – lead vocals
Delhi Sultanate – lead vocals
Stefan ‘Flexi’ K – keyboards/vocals
The Late Nikhil Vasudevan – drums
Tony Bass – bass guitar
Raghav ‘Diggy’ Dang – rhythm guitar
RieOna – alto Sax
Yohei Sato – trombone
Juan Carrenza - Trumpet